AQUA FINAE is an Olfactory Observatory: an unrepeatable space overlooking the sea of Portofino, in which the senses become the protagonists of a journey to discover the most precious fragrances in the world. In the striking of an old boathouse, AQUA FINAE welcomes his audience and leads him in an intimate way where meet themselves through scent, between sailors and artistic stoups symbols.

The shop AQUA FINAE is an architectural jewel set in the rock, just a few steps from the sea of Portofino and its historical Piazzetta. The shelves in untreated wood, the fishing ropes and seats covered in white cotton are a tribute to the seafaring world and all’indissolubile bond with the sea and its scents. AQUA FINAE is an opportunity to discover the best of Artistic Perfumery through the careful selection of the most popular brand in the national and international scene. Visitors are also allowed to relive the magic of an ancient propitiatory gesture: the rite of the sailors who – before sailing on a long trip – touched the water with his hands and gathered in prayer. To honor this impressive ceremony, AQUA FINAE invites his audience to wet the fingers on one of his artistic holy water fonts, guardians of a fine blend of fragrances and sea drops, and recite the unusual Water Prayer.