Beyond Appearances


A fragrance is the expression of the brand that has conceived it, but it is also an autonomous identity and its own, especially in the eyes of a consumer who – even before marrying the brand philosophy – falls in love with a fragrance. From here “BEYOND APPEARANCES”starts, a game, but also a replicable format with which customers can find the essence that best represents them, without being conditioned by the house that produces it.


The consumer is guided in a real olfactory path that begins through knowledge. It is a nervous type or relaxed? Has a lifestyle active or sedentary? It is customary and conservative or is it more attracted to the future? You greedy? What are your tastes in scents? Which fragrance family draws him more?


The consumer, made his choice between the presented fragrance family, will be called to “try out” different vials representative of that family, exposed in the central table of the store. References (forty in all) will be presented without reference to logo / brand of belonging: this will allow the customer to try the fragrances without any conditions, guided only by their taste and their own emotions.


At the end of the path, the customer will be unveiled the brand of the fragrance of his choice.

Only in this last and decisive moment, all the attention will move from the particular to the general, and will be presented the history, philosophy, the brand concept and inspiration of the individual fragrance.

BEYOND APPEARANCES” is a new approach to the world of the sale of perfumes:

  • Addictive because it is based on the surprise
  • Exciting because it is a journey led to the discovery of his own ideal fragrance
  • Innovative as the customer lives feeling by itself lead the game
  • Different because overturn traditional mechanisms between vendors and customers